What We Do

Our sole focus has been to support works enabling SDGs 13, 14, 15 and 17 in our community. Through Nature Restoration, Ocean & Environment Conservation, and Community Empowerment.

Mangrove Restoration Eco-Project

Restoration exercise is inevitable in the shoreline of the Indian Ocean bordering the Miritini ward in Mombasa.

There is excessive deforestation of mangrove trees, and most of the shorelines are bare of trees. Since then, mangrove trees species “Rhizophora mucronata” have been very significant in the coastline of the Indian Ocean for providing a watershed and suitable habitat for marine resources, including various fish species.

The need for reforestation comes from the importance of mangrove trees for maintaining marine ecology and providing protection against soil erosion along the ocean, which can destroy coral reefs and sea banks for marine sources’ reproduction. In addition, protecting Coastal communities and life from storm surges, windstorms and flooding that may destroy properties or even cause loss of lives.

This project implements a participatory and community-based approach, which involves awareness and training on restoration and conservation in the local communities in Mombasa. The project is also designed to support our organization’s objective of planting 10,000 mangroves every year in ecosystems that contain a significant portion of existing and degraded mangroves areas in coastal Kenya.

Environment & Climate Education Project

With not enough environmental conservation and climate action awareness being shared out in our local community, we have, as an organization, stepped in to fill the gap.

Our main aim of this project is to bring momentum to environmental restoration and climate action education. The project is majorly focused on closing loopholes and filling in the gap that has been left in embracing and establishing a green-blue society where everyone appreciates the environment and is ready to thrive without conflict.

Our initiatives include local community workshops and training, institutional environmental workshops and online climate spaces that we use to share knowledge on environment and climate education.

Community Empowerment Projects

The initiatives here aim to support the sustainability of all our projects while empowering the people we are working with in our community.

Through training for alternative sources of livelihoods such as bee-keeping, art and beadwork, IT skills education and workshops, we aim to equip our community with the knowledge they can use to support their livelihoods without putting pressure on the local mangrove ecosystems they are living adjacent to.

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